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St. Michael the Archangel Parish

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805 Wayne Ave.

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States,20910

Phone: (301) 589-1155

St. Michael the Archangel Parish is a beautiful parish located in Maryland. They provide weddings between 12PM and 2PM on Saturdays. 

Great care is taken to see that the prayer for the marriage ceremony is reverent, graceful, beautiful, and open to the movement of God’s Spirit among us.  These celebrations are incomplete unless they are filled with song, with prayerful gestures, and with that solemn silence in which we hear the voice of God in our lives.

 Before a wedding can be celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church, there are certain requirements that are set forth by the universal law of the Church, by the local laws and customs of the Archdiocese of Washington, and by the State of Maryland.  In addition to following all three of these sources of law, we must also observe the customs and traditions that our parish has set forth in order to promote our life as a believing community and to maintain good order. St. Michael the Archangel Parish will help you follow these rules and prepare for your wedding accordingly.