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St. Nicholas is one of the oldest parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia in the United States and we try to keep the spirit of our founding fathers of our church, alive. Although they were a political emigration, the raison d'etre of their work was clearly specified in the by-laws of the parish where they identified the purpose of the parish as:

Mutual help among the members united in the common faith in Jesus Christ in reaching a common Christian goal of Salvation through the medium of community prayers, rituals, and rules established by the Church. (Parish By-laws dated 1/24/35)

May their memory be eternal and through their prayers and the intercessions of St. Nicholas, St John of Shanghai and San Francisco, the Holy Royal Martyrs and Russian and of St Spiridon of Tremithous (whom we consider the patron saint of this city) may the Cathedral flourish as a beacon of Orthodoxy for many years to come.