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Farida Style aims to bring the elegant heart of Eritrea home to you--no matter where you are in the world. 

Farida incorporates traditional Eritrean fabrics, styles and patterns into beautiful, wearable clothes. At the heart of Farida's Style lies the ambition to make every woman feel beautiful, no matter what the occasion. Weddings, proms and even the red carpet, let us hold your hand whilst your modern gown leaves whisperings of old Eritrea in its wake. 

Using organic cotton grown in Eritrea, each dress is custom made to your exact measurements, and the hand stitched traditional touches and patterns, mean that your dress is unique. There's a touch of Africa in every garment. The light, fluffy and airy cotton--usually used by the older generation--is manifested into the garments in the most unexpected ways. In some pieces, traditional headscarves are cut to edge the sometimes daring gowns. In other dresses the hand stitched embroidered panels,  give every item a uniquely Eritrean flavour.

Farida's vision is to bring you high-fashion clothes at a price everyone can afford, and the custom fit and hand stitching means that no matter what your size and style, we have something to make your fashion dream come true.