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2588 Nanaimo Street

Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada,V5N 5X1

Phone: (604) 440-5995


Artista Video Production is a company operating in Vancouver. They have over 10 years of experience in wedding videography production. Their focus is on quality, great value and your complete satisfaction, and consistently produce quality videos that exceed your expectations. Despite their years of experience, they have managed to maintain a dynamic relationship with their industry and the clients they serve. Indeed, it is the fact that every wedding is unique that means we never rest on their laurels, their eyes are always open, and that they always strive to make better and better wedding films. Artista Video Production has a solid presence also in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, and other cities. What they do is give you something that carries a tasteful, modern and clean HD video or standard, at an amazing value! Our HD packages are extremely competitive and start at just $2000 for one day in Vancouver. They without a doubt offer the best value & quality hands down, and custom case designs. Their mission is to create best and quality love story documentary of you, and your complete satisfaction. They pride themselves in their ability to produce quality video products that exceed your expectations.