Henna, the hidden risks? - Ambessa Weddings

Henna, the hidden risks?

Photo by Zerga

Photography: Zerga

Like most habesha women, I love me some henna. The intricate designs are so unique and beautiful! And here at Ambessa weddings, we've seen countless photos of brides at their melsi shining in their fresh "inked" up arms. 

But could this beautifying measure come at a cost? The answer is yes. Black henna although beautiful to look at, is not natural. Black Henna can cause some serious allergic reactions. Read more here: http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/product-safety-securite-produits/consumer-consommation/education/cosmetics-cosmetiques/tattoos-tatouages-eng.php

Thankfully red henna is natural and safe to use! 

Have you tried black henna before? How did it go? Let us know! 

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