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Try Masrawy Fine Egyptian Catering at The African Wedding Show!

You better come hungry to the African Wedding Show, because we have just confirmed Masrawy Fine Egyptian Catering as a vendor! Their delicious food is the talk of the Middle Eastern community and now our guests will have a chance to sample their fine cuisine.

Masrawy Fine Egyptian Catering-African Wedding Show Toronto

I had the chance to talk a bit with Mohamed about his business and what he loves most about it, and it was a great experience. 

His customers LOVE him! I asked if he had any hero stories, and he sent me this review from one of his clients. It's so sweet and good to hear. They also do amazing charity work by donating with partner companies that donate locally and back home!

Masrawy Fine Egyptian Catering - African Wedding Show Toronto

"Masraw Catering was a god send. From the start Mo had treated me like family. He treated my wedding as if he was catering his sister's wedding. For our tasting he came and set up our dining room the way he would have it set up the day of the wedding so we can have the visiual effect and me and my parents and my fiance were blown away. He answers all my questions which were insane and sporadic by email and txt and he was always so patient and professional and honest with me. He told me when he thought I was ordering too much food which I really appreciated.

The day of the Masrawy team handled the event with extreme professionalism, they set up the appetizer table on their own and the food was fantastic, and I was so blown away. The team was amazing, they stayed around and helped and made sure the food was at the perfect temperature with heating and also several delivery times for the different serving times of appetizer, dinner and dessert. They really went above and beyond in ways I can't even describe. All my friends, egyptian and non egyptian were so blown away by the taste and quality of the food. I was getting comments all day long and even after the wedding.” -Marwah Younis

Masrawy Fine Egyptian Catering - African Wedding Show Toronto

Next, I asked if he had any tips for serving or enjoying the food. You can never have enough food tips! Here's what he said:

"Food art is very fun, not to mention mood defining. Sample appetizers of even the main coarse go along way, and help to open the taste buds to the epic adventure they're about to go on."

This guy really knows his stuff! Plus, they make wedding cakes! 

Masrawy Fine Egyptian Catering - African Wedding Show Toronto


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