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Elsabet Habesha Jewelry

Elsabet Habesha Jewelry is one of the newest and best Habesha jewelry designers, and we are so thrilled to say that she is one of the sponsors of The African Wedding Show! 

I had a chance to chat with Maria of Elsabet Habesha about her work, and it was such a great experience. You can really tell that this girl loves what she does! 

Ambessa Weddings: What are some success stories from your clients?

Elsabet Habesha Jewelry: I have had quite a few people writing me to thank me for my professionalism, for making sure they received their package on time, and for proving that quality fashion Habesha jewelry really exists! For me, this is very fulfilling. It is my success story as well as the goal for my business. 

AW: What about styling the jewelry? How do you wear yours?

EHJ: I love that the Habesha jewelry pieces we carry can be worn with various styles and in various ways. It doesn’t necessarily need to be worn with a Habesha dress. Thus, it makes it worth the purchase because it can be worn frequently. I also like mixing and matching various pieces of jewelry for a unique look. 

What an awesome girl! I just love to see people's passions shine!

Do you have your tickets? We know you don't want to miss out on picking up your very own set of Habesha Jewelry from Elsabet, so purchase today! PS: use the button below for discounted rates!

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