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The Story About a Dress

RP from Shukorina


 Don’t mean to sound like a crazy tribal chief (no offense to the crazy tribal chiefs) .

No other dress has greater meaning to me than a Habesha dress. To some it may sound odd but it represents so much more than just a pretty outfit with pretty colors. To me it represents mothers, women and family. Since I don’t like to do anything “just a little bit” I’m all about wearing my Habesha dresses anywhere and to any event. What’s not to love…it’s a great look and really comfortable since it’s 100% cotton. <3

Would love to see your Habesha wedding  or just regular-wear Habesha dresses. Tag @shukorina on instagram with your favorite habesha look for a chance to win a dress.

 Life is a party, dress like it. – Unknown

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