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Poll Results: Modern Werki vs. Traditional Werki

A new style of werki is emerging at Eritrean weddings and Ethiopian weddings, where jewelry is set with colorful stones, usually in reds, blues and greens. As stunning as this is, and as beautiful as it looks at Eritrean and Ethiopian weddings, the question on our minds was whether or not this modern style will replace the traditional style. Curious about what's popular? Check out the results below to see what ten jewelry lovers thought of this new style!


There you have it, it was totally tied! You guys would wear either one to a Habesha wedding--it looks like all you care about is whether or not it's beautiful. Are these results surprising to you? We're thrilled that both are doing so well, and it will certainly be interesting to watch both designs in the future, to see if the modern one takes over or people go back to the more traditional style!

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