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Poll results: Old Kaba vs. New Kaba

For a while now we've been seeing a new trend in the community when it comes to Eritrean and Ethiopian weddings: brides are ditching the traditional long Kaba and going for a new, shorter style. We love both styles, but we wanted to know how you guys felt about this new trend and whether or not you would wear it to your own Eritrean or Ethiopian wedding, so back on June 13th, we asked! Thank you so much to everyone who participated, we love you guys and are happy you could help us out. In the end we had about 20 participants and think we got a pretty good sample of how everyone feelings about the shorter style taking over.

Without further delay, here are the results!

 As you can see, the traditional style won by a landslide! I guess it isn't going anywhere anytime soon--you can expect to keep seeing it at Eritrean and Ethiopian weddings for the rest of the season.

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July 05, 2017

I would like to purchase kaba for my fiance and I. Please email me what you have and pricing


February 17, 2017



December 31, 2016

I love both but really prefer the long. I want to purchase this one for my wedding in 2017.

Can you send me pricing of all the ones you have please. The ladies ones and the men’s kaba’s, my fiance wants to wear one too.

IN addition, we want the head pieces (crowns) as well.

Kindly send what you have we are anxious to buy.

Thanks so much

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