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What is Habesha wedding FOMO?????

Reports of Habesha wedding FOMO disease have made a stark increase this month, and has the potential to be a widespread epidemic in North America. Please read the following PSA to find out if you are afflicted with this condition.

  • Do you save all your vacation time from work just to attend Habesha weddings during the summer?
  • Do you travel to other cities more than twice a year to attend Habesha weddings?
  • Have you ever attended a Habesha wedding where you didn’t know the name of the bride OR the groom?

  • Do you practice all your Habesha dance moves at home in the mirror to prepare for the upcoming season?
  • If there’s more than one Habesha wedding per weekend, do you base your attendance on the buffet menu?
  • Do you ever offer to be the dates of casual acquaintances, just so you can crash one more wedding?
  • Do you feel pressured to buy a new zuria for every damn wedding because you know you’ll be seeing the exact same crowd as the last event?

Mmmmhhhmmmm, if you have 3 or more of the above symptoms then you may have H-1 W-1 FOMO disease.

Please email ambessaweddings@gmail.com immediately for your prescription. #habeshawedding #FOMO

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