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Ethiopian Wedding Crashers

Last year one of Yahoo’s writers, Lara Naaman, took a trip to Addis Ababa where she crashed 15 Ethiopian weddings, yep 15! It got us thinking about all of the intricacies involved in planning a large wedding and the potential concerns with sharing your wedding venue with other parties. The average Ethiopian wedding includes a whopping 800-person guest list, that’s almost 6x larger than the average US wedding guest list! This day there were roughly 12,000 people coordinating pictures, activities, etc. Could you imagine being the person in charge of event planning?! With that many people it’s pretty easy to see how a bystander could potentially sneak into a party, although this guest may have stood out in more ways than one.

Wedding Number 9 -, I'm from the brides side of the family....

Lara’s adventure began after checking into the sound of drums from her room at the Ghion Hotel. The garden behind the hotel was hosting not one, but fifteen, different weddings! Out of curiousity Lara decided to spectate and review the weddings. Lara was front and center to witnessing “all the same hopes, dreams, drama, and annoyances that you’d see at a wedding anywhere.” We can only imagine the annoyance level of having to coordinate pictures with your wedding party AND fifteen other wedding parties! However, with all of the nuisances that come with the big wedding day there is so much more to be happy for, it is all about putting everything into perspective. Later Lara includes pictures of bridal parties having a much better time dancing, mingling with family and celebrating one of the biggest days of each of these couples lives.

Wedding Number 6 - The groom shows off his swagger as he and his new bride pose in front of the fountain.
Wedding Number 12 - Three bridesmaids are hustled into position.
Wedding Number 10 - Awwwwww can someone say....True love is the soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another
Wedding Number 14 - ....and the Dancing Begins


Hats off to all of the wedding parties that made this day a happy, memorable event regardless of any nuisances that may have gotten in the way.

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