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Get A Flawless Bridal Look

AW: How Long Have You Been A Makeup Artist And How Did You Get Your Start In The Industry? 

ME: I started as a makeup artist about 10 years ago, first as a freelancer with M.A.C. cosmetics and then began working at Lancôme cosmetics.  Lancôme was a tremendous experience because the company has a strong focus on skin care while my M.A.C. experience gave me a strong background in color.  Since then I have become a freelance artist with focus on weddings.  Recently I moved from Raleigh, North Carolina to New York City.  My goal is to continue working in bridal while extending my reach and artistry into fashion and editorial.

AW: Where Do You Get Your Style Inspiration From?

ME:  We are so blessed to be part of an era that allows us to ‘google’ everything.  Inspiration is everywhere!  On myself I try new styles and colors of makeup everyday.  I mix up colors to see what looks best.  It keeps the perspective fresh when looking at different people. 

When I named my company wanted it to represent my style.  If I had to give it a name I would say ‘natural with a bit of an edge’.  It’s why I call my company Makeup Edge.  I enjoy enhancing the person, and making their skin look perfected!  If I had to pick one artist that inspires me I would say, Sam Fine, I follow him on Instagram and recently got a chance to meet him in person.  I was so excited and speechless.  His strength is really to focus on beautiful skin and I love that, he’s amazing!


AW: How Would You Describe Your Signature Look And What Is It About Your Style That Sets You Apart From Other Makeup Artists?

ME: I tend to be lighter handed with makeup; I like less product and more skin.  Everyone has a different style and that is what makes us unique.  Sometimes we can get caught up with what we think we should wear when really its about what makes YOU feel good.

AW: What Is The Most Important Beauty Advice That You Can Give To Brides Getting Married This Season? 

ME: This is something that I think about all the time actually; the first thing I talk about with a bride when we meet is skin care. I like to know all the products they’re currently using. For example, if you’re using any products that make you more sensitive to the sun like Retin-A, AHA + or Benzol Peroxide, all of these things are important for me to decide what makeup to use. I don’t want you to be using anything that is extremely drying and then on the day of have trouble with flakiness and makeup not going on smoothly.

Also, do not exfoliate or get a facial less than 7 days minimum before the day of your wedding. I also encourage brides to drink more water and not touch their face leading up to the wedding. (laughing) I have a whole regiment on how they should take care of themselves.


AW: What Are Some Common Beauty Mistakes That Brides Make?

ME: Well for brides that are going to do their makeup themselves, I would say to sit down with a makeup artist or your girlfriends for advice on what looks good for pictures. Sometimes products don’t translate the same way. So either, trust someone to do it for you on your big day or schedule time with a makeup artist to learn how to do it the right way and what products will work best. 

Also another big mistake is not washing your face properly. Make sure you’re washing your face morning and night.  Depending on the type of skin you have it can cause major breakouts.

AW: How Far In Advance Of The Wedding Day Should The First Makeup Consultation Be?

ME: I meet with most of my brides 6-3 months in advance of the big day. Before your wedding you want to be using products that are tested consistently and you know work well with your skin.


AW: On Wedding Day, What Products Do You Think Are A Must Have To Bring Along?

ME: I normally give my brides a clean sponge or blotting papers for the day of the wedding. It helps absorbs oil and sweat if it’s warm out. You’ll definitely need a lip liner and lipstick and gloss as well. Those are the main things but keep it to a minimum you don’t want to carry around too much!

AW: What Is The Best Way To Contact You For More Information

ME: If anyone has makeup related questions please reach out to me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Email.  I answer every question!


Check Out Delina’s Website And Wonderful Catalogue Of Tutorials On Her Blog.


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September 10, 2015

Fantastic Tips, thank you so much much Delina, your a fantastic make up artist. I would love to have you do my wedding make up. Hx

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