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3 Social Media tips everyone should use this Wedding Season!

The best part of the wedding? The photos of course! LOL just kidding. Don't feel like you have to take a snapshot of every moment - everybody's got a phone. And the photographer was hired for a reason. But you want to capture the memories right? Rather than feeling like you have to take a photo of every single thing or spend days texting your cousins and friends for that one photo you looked fly in- follow these helpful tips.

1. Create an easy to remember wedding hashtag! And announce it! In advance and at the wedding (heck you can even put it in your invitation) People can search and use the hashtag and see your wedding story from multiple perspectives! It's awesome. 

2. Now here's a new one. Get yourself a Snapchat Filter! You don't have to be Drake or DJ Khalid to get yourself a filter anymore. Check it out this for details: 


3. Now this may seem like an obvious one, but it's underestimated by so many!  Lighting is key!! Use natural light as much as possible, so take those selfies while you're outside! Shoot with the sun behind you to avoid dark photos! 

 Photo by J316 Photography
Photo Credit: J316 Photography

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